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CNET rates Microsoft Vista – “Worst Tech Product of 2007” December 17, 2007

Posted by Neal Atienza in Tech News, Tech Reviews.

It is clear that Microsoft Vista….. oh let me rephrase, Microsoft Vista Basic, Microsoft Vista Premium, Microsoft Vista Business and lastly, Microsoft Vista Ultimate….. is not good… at all. Microsoft dubbed it “the next wow” but how? Problems and user issues plagued Vista in a big way, Microsoft and their big reputation did not want to address these issues, and this lead to the lack of stability of the hyped operating system. Microsoft’s big problem did not end there, knowing that Apple’s Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) was being prepared for launch, they did not counteract to leopard in anyway, resulting in high sales for Apple and mediocre sales and reviews of Microsoft Vista. top-10-terrible-technologies-10.jpg

I have personally used Vista and to me, it is a more graphically enhanced version of Mac OSX Tiger (10.4), but Apple’s already been there and Microsoft thinks that they can fool the consumer market by releasing their version of Tiger… oh sorry Vista.

Vista’s main problems during it’s young timeline includes, lack of compatibility of external software and drivers, the high capability of the system in terms of hardware and lastly, the unexplained reason why there are “four” different types of operating systems. Obviously there are different user requirements of operating systems, but really, as consumers do we really need these kinds of variations????

I am surely not surprised about the fact that Vista was s huge disappointment for consumers, and a waste for Microsoft and their OS development team. Microsoft has indeed realized it by already doing research and development for the new Windows 7. At least they are moving on and hopefully not follow the mistakes they have made in Vista.

There is still hope for Microsoft, but at the rate Apple is conquering the Tech Industry, who knows how the market is going to be months from now, let alone, years.



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2. Jamie West - February 16, 2009

Vista is a piece of shit.

3. SneakyPete - June 25, 2009

Massive quantities of man hours wasted by M$ Winblows Vista. Massive quantities of developer and consumer finances poured into overcoming its deficiencies and M$ still doesn’t have the balls to own up to their mistake. The least they could do is provide a free upgrade to Version 7 of the windows family. Maybe Aero wasn’t such a good idea as well as all the other useless cosmetic features of Vista. I pray that M$ makes huge mistakes with Winblows 7 so that we can all enjoy M$ getting bought out by another corporation to end their tyranny. Perhaps Symantec will mate with M$ and have evil ugly children that devour banking corporate heads.

4. NibCargerisar - December 11, 2009

Stunning .. very fantastic subject. I will write about it likewise!

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