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**RUMOUR ALERT – Possible Macbook Pro Pictures Leaked (OCT, 2008) September 26, 2008

Posted by Neal Atienza in Mac News.

I stumbled on some very interesting pictures at Apple Insider (images courtesy of them) and it shows an interesting MBP. Dont know if it is real, or fake, but it looks believable.

If you notice at the picture, a glass touchpad is designed, just like the iPhone screen with multitouch, rumours have surfaced about this “glass touchpad” and also there are rumours about Apple cutting down ports and using the same Heatsink Aluminum built. Having a more curvy edged look, the new Macbook redesign will be following the same build as the MBPs. Apple will also we announcing their new In-Ear Headphones (listed on apple.ca).

It is certainly heating up to the October 14th keynote conference, but still no news about Apple’s secret project codenamed “The Brick”.

I will post more possible rumours and information.



1. Aadil - September 30, 2008

OH NO THIS IS TOTALLY BAD NEWS… for my old MBP that is… if this is truly coming out then i am going to definately buy this… not sure what to do with my old MBP… maybe make a desktop out of it or something…. keep me posted dude.

2. Neal Atienza - September 30, 2008

i upgraded my mbp to 4gb 320gb 7200rpm hdd so I think im top of the recommended settings, but if apple releases some new technology and something innovative, we’re screwed (financially!).

i need to prevent this big hole in my wallet this october, please apple! help me!
going to pick up the new 120gb classic, 80gb is not enough space for me, 120 should be plenty.

fingers crossed for a blu ray white macbook pro! hmmm….

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