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PS3’s Exclusive Gem – “Little Big Planet” October 15, 2008

Posted by Neal Atienza in Playstation 3, Video Games/Consoles.
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Little Big Planet (Release Date: October 21st, 2008) 

When will a game ask you to design the levels and characters, its upto you to design and recreate thegaming experience and its all in PS3’s exclusive titles called “Little Big Planet (take that xbox 360!).”

In this game, objects, terrain, characters, movement and schemes are all user-defined, allowing you full flexiblility during the design process of your level, you have plenty to work with, many options available and fully customizable. This is certainly a unique gaming experience in which any type of gamer can enjoy and love.This game will be out in a couple of days and it’s reviews are raging, this is certainly a game you would definitely wait in line for, absolute stunner!

I will review this game once my copy of LBP arrives at my door! Till next time.



1. Ibrahim Radwan (PSN name is ibbyradwan - April 30, 2009


2. isha - December 12, 2009

when will the second one come

3. Jack - March 22, 2010

that looks minted i can’t wait untill it’s out <('<) <-chicken

4. te - June 14, 2010

ok is ealy te play but there are levels very dificult

5. Christian Catanzaro - June 26, 2010


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