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About Me

Neal M. P. Atienza [BA. Gen. Information Technology, Atkinson Class 2008]

A graduate from York University (Toronto, ON), with a degree in Information Technology. I work at a software company here in Toronto. Average tech guy, who like video games, anything to do with computers, software, hardware, gadgets, you name it. I also like love my apple stuff – a very big fan!, photography (just started) and i love my sports.

I am a huge Toronto Raptors fan, I go to alot of regular season games and watch them at home. I’m also a diehard Manchester United fan for the past 10 years, you’ll find me at the United bar at Yonge/Eglinton watching the reds!

Powered By: Apple Macbook Pro (2.2 C2D), iPhone 3G Black 2.0.1 (JB), iPod Sliver Classic 80GB, HP Media Disk 500Gb/WD Passport 250GB & Bose In-Ear Headphones.

Home Theatre Setup: 40″ Samsung 1080P LCD TV (LNT4061F), 40GB Playstation 3, 20Gb Xbox 360, Samsung 1080P Divx Player (DVD 1080P7) w/ 5.1 Samsung Surround Sound (HTX-55)

Currently Playing – Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3), Skate (X360) & GTA4 (PS3)

PSN ID (Playstation Network) – maCKeyzzZZ

Contact Me: prodigymac@gmail.com or eckzzz@gmail.com



1. saurabh tiku - December 16, 2007


2. macinblog - December 16, 2007

nice to see you at my site – wait once the content is added, this site is gonna be awesome!

3. Arunesh - December 17, 2007

u kno wat else would be awesome???? barca vs manu chmps lg final!!!

4. Neal Atienza - December 17, 2007

United Won! Damn Arsenal!
Champions League Final of MANU VS. BAR= “Brilliant Game”

5. Aadil - December 17, 2007

no comment

6. bibomedia.com - March 6, 2008


7. Canopus Safdar - November 15, 2008

Hello this is me Canopus!!! I love bangladesh

8. Canopus Safdar - March 16, 2009

Helle this is me Canopus!!! I hate Bangladesh

9. canopus safdar - November 12, 2010

hello this is cano…i love and hate bangladesh!!!

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