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Playstation 3: It’s their year!

The Video Game Revolution

It is clear that the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are changing the video game industry, with the strengths and weaknesses of each video game console, it is difficult for a gamer such as myself to pick or commit to one of them. The Wii has been mainly targeting the yonger generation with it’s innovation in software and hardware, Xbox 360 has been the popular choice for gamers because of it’s price tags and a large collection of games while the Playstation 3 is trying to catch up and they are.

The Playstation 3 (Nov 11, 2006) was released a year after the Xbox 360 (Nov 22, 2005), and a few days later saw the birth of the Nintendo Wii (Nov 19, 2006). Sony completed missed the target by releasing the console with a weak collection of games and not to mention the high price tag of $499 (20GB version) and the $599 (60GB version). After a year of disappointment in sales and also some of it’s comsumers, SCEA is finally putting together the pieces in the puzzle to once again crown the Playstation 3 to be the best next generation console. Let me give you an insight into how SCEA is evolving the Playstation 3.

Consistent Software Updates

Unlike the Xbox 360 or the Wii, the PS3 has been receiving tons of firmware updates into the console, unleashing the true power of this console, some updates to keep a note one would be the DIVX capabilities, a more stable online experience, a newly renovated PSN store (buy games, download demos and trailers), better firmware for Blu Ray movies and the introduction of trophies to compete with Xbox’s achievement points.

Better bundles for your buck…

Considering the fact that the price when it was first released was $499 and $599, now the PS3 is available for $399(40GB) and $499(80GB), there are rumours surfacing around that Sony will be releasing new bundles for the holiday season, you will be able to get a 60GB PS3 for $399 and this bundle includes the newly introduced Dual Shock 3/Six Axis Controller (which they should have released it on day 1) and alternately a 120GB PS3 w/ backward compatibility for $499. Always keep in mind, upon a purchase of a PS3; you will get a top of the line Blu Ray player, Divx Player, Mini-PC (you can install Linux/XP) and lastly a console. If you factor these in, it will surely justify it’s price, trust me.

PS3’s repertoire

Ok, this is the most sensitive topic when someone is talking about the PS3, I admit that it didn’t have an acceptable collection in it’s first year (that’s why I didn’t buy it, until now) but I wouldn’t say that now. There are some really nice titles which are PS3 exclusive and it brings gamers back to the console. These titles include Heavenly Sword, Tekken 5 (from PSN Store) and Metal Gear Solid 4, of course it’s not as big as the Wii or Xbox but with confirmed upcoming titles, this will be the stepping stone for the Playstation.


Ok, I’ve had the Xbox 360 for 16 months, had 3 RRODs already, swapped my console twice, didn’t want to pay the price for online play and the additional costs to buy peripherals. I bought the 40GB PS3 3 weeks ago and I haven’t switched on the Xbox, I just love everything about it, the ability of upgrading the hard drive (not possible in the 360), Blu Ray!, the introduction of the dual shock controller, built-in wifi ($99 to get a wifi adapter for Xbox 360) and Divx playback.

Here’s the price breakdown if you compare two identical Xbox 360 and the PS3 bundles:

Xbox 360 Premium 20GB Package ($399)

1 Xbox Wireless Controller + Battery Pack ($59.99)

1 Wireless Adapter (wifi) – ($99)

Total – $557.99

PS3 40GB Bundle ($399)

1 Dual Shock 3 Controller ($49.99)

Total: $448.99

The two bundles above are similar in packages and functionalities but the prices do tell a different story. Despite the fact that the Xbox 360 is cheaper, it is cheaper because it doesn’t pack features, no HD player, no wifi, no HDMI out (1080p is catching on) and HDD cannot be upgraded unlike the PS3. But then again, Xbox Live is superior than PSN Online but it will cost you.

It is sure that this holiday season, deciding which console you want to reside on will be one tough one to make, so embrace yourself for the costs and a lot of fun.



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