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Restaurant Review: Big Sushi (Spadina/Bloor) August 26, 2008

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Saturday, the day I was craving sushi, so met up with 2 of my friends and headed down to Spadina/Bloor for some good ol’ sushi! The restaurant is called “Big Sushi” and it is maybe an 8 min walk and it is located east of Spadina (check map). This is one of the best places for sushi I have been in, and it is not expensive.

This is what we ordered:

1 California Roll (8 pcs) & 1 Salmon Roll (8pcs)

1 Spicy Salmon Roll (8pcs)

1 Lunch Sushi Combo (various types, 14 pcs)

1 Shrimp Tempura

2 Miso Soup

2 Salads

It was the three of us and that was the perfect amount of sushi, actually, we were stuffed at the end so maybe 4 people. Our bill ended up at $32 in total, and the spicy salmon roll was amazing! We wanted to order more but we really couldn’t find space in our stomach for another roll! If you want some good and also cheap (2 words which sometimes don’t get along with each other) sushi, you must give this place a try!

Here’s some of the pictures of the food, I couldnt resist, it looked sooo good.