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First Look: Blackberry “Javelin” 8900 (2009 Model) October 12, 2008

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We all know how popular the BB Curve is, we know that it has one of the best QWERTY keyboards you can find on any smartphone, and we all know its Blackberry, now BB is going to be releasing the model which will take over the BB Throne in which the Curve has been sitting on for the longest time.

I was lucky enough to have a hands-on preview of the javelin or the BB 8900 from an unknown source which I would like to name “Raspberry.” My first impression when I held the device was, “Wow, this phone snuggles on my hand and it is pretty light.” Thats right, the design is well-thought out, it is surprising light with a battery on, and it boasts a 3.2 mega-pixel camera (nice!). Moving on to the important aspect of the phone and that is the keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard is awesome, I typed out an email using the keyboard and it was very responsive, less errors due to the overall layout of the keys, and I can confirm that my typing experience was far better than on the iPhone 3G. (sigh!)

Unfortunately, the device isnt 3G enabled but it does use the Edge Network, which is not bad but will pull off some users who are very dependent on a serious data plans. But in my own personal experience, a edge network is far more than sufficient for email and basic web browsing but not multimedia (when did BB adopt multimedia in the first place!).

Another thing they improved would be the software and interface, a completely a new design, the BB Bold was the first device released with the new software, very intuitive, quick launch of applications is located at the bottom of the screen, completely new and fresh (phew! its about time!) 

The “Javelin” or the BB 8900 is lining up to be a very impressive device using the BB Curve as a foundation, it is certainly going to line up as one of the hottest BBs around.

No date has been confirmed for it’s release but be sure to hold up any future smartphone purchases as this should be the phone you need to keep your eye on.


RUMOUR ALERT! – Leaked Macbook & MBP Casing Pictures October 12, 2008

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For the past few days, leaked pictures of the aluminum -built macbooks and macbook pros have been surfacing around the internet by many sources, this is surely confirming that they will be either revealed or released on October 14th at the Cupertino campus in a small keynote conference.

Looking at the pictures, very similar design between the two, they are adopting the Macbook Air style keyboard with a 3mm space between each key in this year’s redesign. I also read in may sources that the new macbooks will be using the new Nvidia Chipsets and the Firewire 400 will be removed as well. 

I cant really tell alot from these hi-res pictures that were leaked but it will be only 3 days from now when you will be able to see the new macbook which I’m sure everyone is waiting for.

Sources from AppleInsider and MacX are predicting that Apple is lining up the cheapest macbook to be in the regional price of $899. It  has been a consistent move from Apple this year to reduce all their prices  (I think they should after the financial crisis in the US), Apple reduced the prices of the iPhones and iPods, its time to move into their laptop lineups.

Fingers crossed!

I wish I was able to get more info regarding Apple TV, I’m lining myself up to buy the new Apple TV and their dual driver Apple In-Ear Earphones but so far no news. Shit!


Images courtesy of MacRumors and MacX.cn

Restaurant Review: Big Sushi (Spadina/Bloor) August 26, 2008

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Saturday, the day I was craving sushi, so met up with 2 of my friends and headed down to Spadina/Bloor for some good ol’ sushi! The restaurant is called “Big Sushi” and it is maybe an 8 min walk and it is located east of Spadina (check map). This is one of the best places for sushi I have been in, and it is not expensive.

This is what we ordered:

1 California Roll (8 pcs) & 1 Salmon Roll (8pcs)

1 Spicy Salmon Roll (8pcs)

1 Lunch Sushi Combo (various types, 14 pcs)

1 Shrimp Tempura

2 Miso Soup

2 Salads

It was the three of us and that was the perfect amount of sushi, actually, we were stuffed at the end so maybe 4 people. Our bill ended up at $32 in total, and the spicy salmon roll was amazing! We wanted to order more but we really couldn’t find space in our stomach for another roll! If you want some good and also cheap (2 words which sometimes don’t get along with each other) sushi, you must give this place a try!

Here’s some of the pictures of the food, I couldnt resist, it looked sooo good.

MacInBlog – Tech Reviews [NEW ADDITION!] August 22, 2008

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So part of my plans of reviving my blog, also includes tech reviews of hardware and software which I encounter maybe during a shopping spree, window shopping, saw it somewhere or net reviews. I’ll provide you my personal insight about the product, provide a MacInBlog rating out of 5, cheapest way to get it, and of course pros/cons summary. So to kick things off, I will be reviewing input peripherals this week. Maybe next week I’ll be reviewing video game accessories, if you have any request or certain items you would like to know about, please do shoot me an email or post a comment anywhere, I’ll find it :).

It’s been about a month since I purchased my 2 new mice and a keyboard, I wanted to compliment my MBP with a new keyboard and a mouse so that I’m so comfortable at my desk at home when I’m using my computer. So a month back, and after hard research, I decided to go ahead and buy Logitech’s MX Revolution (the world’s most advanced mouse), Logitech’s VX Nano and Apple’s new aluminum keyboard. Here’s my perspective on each peripheral below.

Tech Reviews: Logitech VX Nano Mouse August 22, 2008

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This mouse has the best reviews I’ve seen for any mouse on the net, it’s unbelievable, so many editors recommend this mouse and that’s why I purchased it.

After using it, its absolutely worth your buck for this mouse, well built and packed with features. It is nice to see that Logitech really revamped their peripherals line up and with products like this, I am getting impressed each year. The mouse has a perfect shape and look to it, accommodates right and left handed users, also provides hyper-scrolling and many programmable buttons. The best feature of this mouse would definitely be it’s USB receiver, it is tiny, you could place it on your laptop and leave it there, you wont even notice it’s there. Whenever you are travelling, the USB receiver neatly tucks inside the back of the mouse and automatically switches off the mouse so that it doesn’t accidentally switch on in your bag while you travel (great feature!). I used this mouse mainly at work and when I travel, It’s always in my bag and it’s the best mouse I’ve owned in a long long time.

The best deal I could find for this mouse is at PC Village for $45 which is a great price for an absolutely great mouse. (www.pcvonline.com).

Pros: Perfect size, packs many features. USB receiver is tiny, great battery life (2 AAA-sized), it has a quick search button.

Cons: Might be too small for some hands.

MacInBlog Rating: 5/5 (Editor’s Choice)

Apple’s September Surprise! – Get Ready….. August 21, 2008

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Apple’s been rather quiet for the past couple of months especially for the fact that we haven’t seen any new recent updates on most of their products in their lineup. Yeah the iPhone 3G and MobileMe kept them busy but Apple Analysts and fanboys have released leaked pictures of the new upcoming aluminum macbook. They also predicted significant updates to the iPod lineup, we could possibly see new refreshed versions of the iPod touch, which could also be plastic(same as 3G) instead of the chrome back and could be offered in many different colors. Memory upgrades on the iPod Touch (32Gb or maybe a 64GB version) would be a possibility as the prices of flash and 1.8” hard drives are getting lower and lower, another upgrade we could see also be the Macbook Air. The sleek and ultra portable laptop might pack better harddrives and might see a 120 -160GB 1.8” hard drive and also might offer a 128GB SSD drive for the needy techies.

No information yet about the possible revamp and upgrades of the Macbook Pros and apparently Apple has a big surprise for all it’s consumers around the world and it’s still hush hush right now but maybe in a few weeks, we will surely find leaked information regarding this matter.

So if you are planning to get something for you or someone at the nearest Apple Store, I advise you to hold on for a couple of weeks because you would want to get your hands on the updated line of products. A couple of weeks is a long time but it will be worth it.

Here are some leaked pictures of the new aluminum body macbook. (Pictures courtesy from gizmodo.com & appleowner.com)

Your entire office have the same phone and…… August 20, 2008

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Don’t know if this is relevant or anything but it’s crazy to think how the majority at our software company owns an iPhone and upgraded to the new 3G version. This picture was taken the day we were parting ways.

macInBlog is under construction. December 16, 2007

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hey websurfers and fellow bloggers,

the blog is still under construction, got an exam on monday (Dec 17th, 2007) to take care of, so once I’m done with my ITEC 3220 exam (advanced databases) I will be adding my content gradually.the website map includes:Blog Main Posts, Toronto Raptors Blog Page, Manchester United Blog Page, Macware Reviews, PCware reviews, and lastly Top Tech News.

tune in later this week to update yourself here at macInBlog.thanks