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MacInBlog’s Top 5 iTunes + iPod Tips September 3, 2008

Posted by Neal Atienza in iPhone, Mac News.
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iTunes played a major role in the music scene as it is a required program to transfer and sync with the millions and millions of iPods around the world. Whether we like to use itunes or not, here are some useful tips to keep your albums organized and build up your music collection for any type of iPod.

Tip #1 – The type of sync you use with your iPod could make your life easy or difficult, automatic sync will add all checked songs and videos into your iPod (easy huh…) but if you are tight with space and is real picky which albums you have on there, manual sync is the way to go.  You can set your iPod to manual in the iPod summary page whenever you plug it into iTunes, and once its checked, you can easily remove albums from your iPod and drag sets of songs or albums into your iPod giving you the ability to control the content in and out of your iPod.

Tip #2 – Using the EQ of any iPod requires additional battery, so keeping it off would mean better battery life while, keeping it on may make a difference on how you listen to your music (I use the Bose In-Ear headphones and I keep my EQ to trebel booster. sounds sooo much better). Keep this in mind, especially if you are dangling with your battery life.

Tip #3 – Using playlists is an integral part of iTunes, you are able to create new playlists (theres a button on the bottom left hand corner of the window or right click on the library and click newplaylist.

Once this empty playlist is created, you are able to drag and drop your favourite tracks in an particular order or not and you can also drag the playlist into your iPod (if you set yours to manual sync, automatic sync includes playlists).

Tip #4 – All the latest generation iPods use “coverflow” to view albums, this view is catching on as users are able to browse their music albums just as they would if they have a music collection stored somewhere. It is important that you are able to add album art into your albums,  you can either google image the album name or if you select the bunch of songs of the album and right click on them, you will be able to find an option “Get Album Artwork”. It is important you tag all your songs properly


Tip #5 – Make sure you update your iTunes and iPod firmware when it prompts, it is important that you have the up-to-date software so that you can stay away from those glitches and bugs. It is also important to keep in mind that you should format your iPod once and a while so that it doesnt slow down on you and crash the harddrive.

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