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Game Review: Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of the Patriots (PS3) August 26, 2008

Posted by Neal Atienza in Playstation 3, Tech Reviews.
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Solid Snake is back and better than ever. After what has seemed like an eternity of waiting, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is here, and not only is it a stunning achievement in terms of technical aspects (this game utilizes what the PS3 is capable of like nothing you have ever seen before), but it also conveys one of the deepest and most engrossing storylines that you will ever come across in a video game. Yes, as you have no doubt heard by now, the game features some quite lengthy cut-scenes that seemingly pop up out of nowhere in the middle of gameplay. While this can get annoying, nearly everything else about Metal Gear Solid 4 is simply flawless. The storyline, what little can be mentioned without giving away a barrage of spoilers, finds an aging Snake in the middle of Liquid Ocelot’s new, destructive plans. Familiar faces are abound as well, which will lead to many surprises and shocks, even for the most hardcore of Metal Gear Solid fans. As said before, Metal Gear Solid 4 boasts the best audio and visual presentation you will ever see in a video game. Quite frankly, this game is a gorgeous sight to behold.

Gameplay wise, the game offers up some equally impressive shooting and stealth mechanics, while the boss fights are nothing short of epic. Online multiplayer modes seem to be the only aspect of MGS4 that don’t conjure up the awe-inspiring moments that the rest of the game does, but they are fun on their own regardless.

Playing MGS4 in my new 40” LCD was the best combo, it just made the experience a lot better and I even ran out of words when I switched on MGS for the very first time. I’ve been a MGS fan since the debut of the first game in the series and it is safe to say that Hideo Kojima and Konami have delivered amazing games year in and year out. You can find reviews for MGS online and you will see how good this game is, every aspect is done with great detail and pulls the gamer into the storyline. From slow-mo action sequences, war-torn environments, stealth missions and ultimate battlefields, this game covers every single aspect with stunning cut sequences.

Words alone can’t do this game justice though. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is by far and large the best game to come out on the PS3 thus far, and without a doubt is one of the finest video games to ever see the light of day. I just finished the game and I am already planning to play the game again in a harder mode, plus I have online play so that my copy of MGS doesn’t collect dust! Yes, it really is that good, and if you have been waiting for that PS3 “killer app”, your wait is over.